Top 5 Places To Visit In Kasauli Himachal Pradesh [2020]

Kasauli is a very famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh and has various attractions and activities that attract tourists every year. Some of the key attractions include the Central Research Institute, the Christ Church, Kasauli Brewery, the Nahri Temple, Sunset Point, and the Manki Point among others. One can also indulge in various activities like trekking, shopping, and even paragliding in Kasauli.

Let’s Get Started One by One The Places To Visit In Kasauli

Monkey Point Kasauli ( Manki Point ):

Monkey Point in Kasauli is one of the most popular place to visit in Kasauli. It is also the highest point in Kasauli and is located at a distance of a mere 4 km from the main bus stand of Kasauli. Situated in the Air Force Station, near the Lower Mall area, Monkey Point offers to visit beautiful views of the valley and the Sutlej River.

Visitors can also visit the snow-covered peak of ‘Choor Chandni’, the highest peak of the Lower Himalayan belt. A temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is also situated at the Monkey Point Kasauli.

Associated with the Hindu mythological story, the place is named after the deity. As per the legend, Lord Hanuman set his foot on this peak while returning from the Himalayas with Sanjeevani Parvath.


The top of the hill is in foot shape and the temple is said to be engraved with footmarks of the Lord.

Sunset Point Kasauli

This area is a popular yet very quiet spot to enjoy the sunset, pine-laid landscapes, valleys, and sceneries. Nearby to the Sunset, the point is a trail or a path known as the Lover’s Lane which is an only more quiet walk through the valleys and some of Kasauli’s most calm and breath-taking sceneries.

Mall Road Kasauli

The Mall Road in Kasauli is one of the major attractions of this town, being as it is the lifeline of Kasauli. It is one of the busiest attractions of the town, and tourists make sure to spend at least some time out of their schedule here to browse through the shops and purchase the perfect souvenirs. There are two parts of the Mall Road in Kasauli, including the Upper Mall and the Lower Mall.

mall road kasauli

The Upper Mall offers a few shops and eateries, but the most attractive factor about it is the beautiful views that it promises. The splendid scenic views and the rolling hills, coupled with a couple of historic monuments make the Upper Mall a must-visit.


The Upper Mall is mostly about beautiful views and a couple of heritage monuments. The Lower Mall, on the other hand, is full of small shops and cafes, perfect to sit down and enjoy a few local dishes and about serious shopping. Make sure to visit both when in Kasauli.

This is a much loved exception to the otherwise quiet Kasauli. For a small town that it is, the mall road provides flattering options for shopping and eating out.

Gilbert Trail Kasauli

Gilbert Nature Trail is a beautiful trail in Kasauli. It’s a picturesque location near the Sunset Point that provides an amazing view of the green landscape and refreshes the tired senses. This short trek is a great way to de-stress oneself by relaxing in the laps of Mother Nature. The serene ambiance of this place attracts a lot of tourists.

The song is located off the main street and stretches to almost one and a half kilometers. It offers an exquisite view of the encircling verdant landscape. The cool breeze is an add- on to its scenic grace and peaceful setting.

Christ church kasauli

Christ Church is the oldest church of Himachal Pradesh, located near Bus Stand in Kasauli. Its picturesque structure attracts tourists from all over India.

Christ church kasauli

Christ’s Church is situated on the busiest street of the town, the Mall Road. Constructed during the British era in Gothic style architecture, the grand church is amongst famous tourist attractions of the town. It is one of the prominent churches of the hill station

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