TERMs & conditions

General Terms

  1. All services provided and guaranteed by the company are subjected to fully carrying out payment prior to department. If payment to the company is made by a cheque then the package module will be delivered only after attaining the cheque.
  2. The company has right at any time and for any reason: (a) to cancel a tour package prior to the date of department and if it does, its liability shall be limited to refunding all the money paid by the client. (b) To modify, alter, differ or withdraw any tour, holiday, service or facility or to switch a hotel of similar class if is advisable or necessary. In any of the cases above mentioned tent to happen the company shall not be liable for any damages, additional expenses or substantial loss suffered by the client/ tourist.
  3. No person, other than the company, in writing has authority to vary, add, modify or put aside any description, representation, terms and conditions set on this website or on the brochure of the company.
  4. In the occasion of the company implement its right to amend or alter any tour advertised in the brochure or any other such. After the tour or holiday has been booked, the tourist shall have the right: (a) to continue with the tour or holiday which the company has offered. (b) To accept any substitute tour or holiday which the company may offer. In either of the above cases, the company shall be liable to the client for any damages, additional expenses or any substantial loss suffered by the tourist.
  5. The company shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the tourist: (a) Any death, personal injury, sickness, loss, delays, increased expenses or significant damages by any mishap or otherwise caused. (b)
  6. The prices estimated by the agency in its brochure/ quotation are in US dollars or comparable in foreign currency. The company reserves the right to amend the prices mentioned in the brochure according to changes in various exchange rates or changes in the prices of fuel before departure accordingly. All such increases in prices must be paid.
  7. It is the responsibility of the client/ tourist to check and hold valid travel documents like passport and visa till the end of the tour. In case, any travel document like visa or passport has expired or cancelled by the authorities. The client will therefore have to assemble all the emergency rising and handle the hereafter expenses. The company will not be responsible for whatsoever in respect to all the above matters.
  8. The cost of the ticket does not include any Insurance Premium. The tourist/ client will have to pay any such premium at their own cost.
  9. All tour packages are subjected to laws, rules and regulation. The company will not take up any responsibility in respect to any condition by as such as breaking the law or due to act of God.
  10. Any complaint the tourist have must be notified to the company in writing within 21 days before the tour ends. Any compliant made after 21 days will not be looked into in any circumstances. If you travelling in a group, the complaint should be made by the only tourist who has contacted and booked everyone’s tickets.
  11. All claims, disputes and litigation relating to the tours are arranged by the company shall be constructed according to current Indian laws only and shall be subjected to jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.
  12. Most hotels worldwide observe 14 to 16 hours to check-in and 10 to 12 hours to check-out. If the tourist arrival is before or departure is after the check-in and check-out time. The company is not responsible for any additional charges and should be settled by the tourist directly.
  13. The company will not be liable to any passenger for refund, compensate or claim for shortage of tour days or for cancellation, postponing or changing the route of any particular scheduled transport services due to any reasons including frog. The rules in respect of cancellation charges or refund applicable. The tickets which are issued subjected to conditions herein.


Star classification of hotels is 5 stars, 4 stars and so on. It is provided to the agency by the supplier of the hotel travel component. The company can’t be held liable for wrong and inaccurate information provided to the company by the tourist. Descriptions, photographs, sketches and list of facilities should be provided by the tourist.


Generally 1 suitcase not exceeding 20 kgs and 1 piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 7 kgs is permitted but it is always advisable to check with the specific airlines and otherwise. Allowance may vary from transporter to transporter. As is the common practice, one piece of luggage is to be with linear dimensions (Length + Height + Width) not exceeding 45 inches. The transporter may charge additional cost for excess baggage. The company will not be liable to the passenger for any case of late delivery or loss of baggage weather caused by any airlines, tour operator, and hotel or by anyone else. Meals


Number of meals including breakfast is always corresponding to the number of nights booked by the tourist in the hotel. Hotels do not provide breakfast on the day of arrival. The company reserves the right to change the meals arrangement if circumstances make it necessary to do so. The meals are preset and choice of the menu is not available.


Packages: whenever transportation is provided on basis of SIC (seat-in-coach) it is the same on sharing basis.
Sightseeing Tours: Transportation is provided on the basis of seat- in-coach (SIC) same as sharing basis or private vehicle basis depending upon the transfer/ transfer option booked.


the company suggest that the tourist must carry holiday spending money partly in cheques. It is sensible to arrange the money at least a week before department. Traveller cheques are the safest way to carry money as they are easily cashed for a small service charge and can be replaced, if they are stolen or lost. The company will not be responsible for any loss of exchange/ currency.


the payment of entire package has to be settled before the scheduled delivery date in cash/ draft/ P.O. or cheque. The foreign currency availed by BTQ/ LERMS by the tourist for the purpose of the tour is part of the tour package. Hence, part of such foreign currency as shown on the hotel voucher should be handed over to the overseas tour operator immediately n reaching the destination. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of arrangements/ services by the travel operator may deem fit as per the circumstances of the case.


The Company is acting as booking agent for overseas and is a travel agent ONLY. The information given in the brochure is accurate as the company can make it. The company’s brochure descriptions are amenities normally available. However, circumstances can change due to events beyond the control of the company. Major roadwork may necessitate route changes. When the company knows of these situations in advance then the company will notify the tourist. Route changes could also be impose on due to natural calamities. The company does not control or operate any airline; neither do the company owns or controls any shipping company. Since the company only selects and co-ordinates travel component, the company shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss, deficiency in service or damage, if any caused by any act or omission of the management, employees or any independent contractor of any airlines, shipping company etc.


Declaration for Basic Travel Quota (BTQ)

I declare that the information given by me is true and is correct according to my knowledge. I declare that the exchange applied all together with the exchange already availed does not exceed $10,000-/ in this financial year. I additional confirm that I am a Resident Indian citizen and intent to return to India again. I further undertake that the transaction is not designed to breach or evade the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (1999) or any of the rules/ notifications/ directions issued under the act.

Declaration for Business Travel (BT) Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System (LERMS).

It is certified that the expenditure for the above trip are being met by the company/firm. We undertake that the foreign exchange withdrawn will be used for the purpose stated above.


Cancellation charges per person will be applicableas follows: Packages

  • Date of booking to 30 days the cancellation charges will be 25% of the tour cost.
  • 30 to 15 days – the cancellation charges will be 50% of the tour cost
  • 15 to 7 days – the cancellation charges will be 75% of the tour cost
  • Less than 7 days -Total amount will be forfeited and no refund shall be given.
  • No show – Total amount will be forfeited and no refund shall be given.
  • Cancellation charges for Cruises booking shall apply as per star cruises cancellation rules or company’s policy whichever is higher.
  • Cancellation charges for Air Asia bookings shall apply as per Air Asia cancellation rules or company’s policy whichever is higher.

Natural Calamity

The company will not be liable to any passenger for refund, compensate and claim of shortening the tour in any relation. Tour change, postponement or delay of any airline due to any reason whatsoever including fog, bad weather or any natural calamity. The tickets/ package are issued subjected to the conditions herein.

VISA Rejections

The company will not be liable to any passenger for refund, compensate and claim of shortening the tour in any relation. Tour change, postponement or delay due to Visa rejection not liability of the company. The tickets/ package are issued subjected to the conditions herein.

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